After implementing all the different renderers, testing and optimising, we are proud to present some demos (graphics and animations) of our different renderers in an amazing all-intuitive web front-end. To make full use of it you have to have Javascript enabled and would benefit from using Internet Explorer 4.0 or later at 800x600 min. Some video-formats may require codecs to be installed on your machine. For this reason we provide animated GIFS and  a MOV format which should be compatible with most systems. Enjoy...

A very big part of this project is to display the same object data in different styles. Each of these styles has different attributes with respect to e.g. perceptual quality, speed of rendering, etc. The ones implemented so far are listed below. Please follow the relevant hyperlinks to find out more about how to render 3D objects in new and alternative ways.

Mr. Potato Head's recent appearance in the Toy Story episodes will probably not be repeated here just yet, but if you want to see how to turn standard 3D object files into little cuddly toys, click on our chubby green friend.

if you want to find out, which one of the three Diving-Towers below was rendered by hand and which one by a Computer, navigate the mouse over each of the towers. To read how the rendering was achieved click anywhere inside the picture.

Drawn by hand...Drawn by Hand...Rendered with the Sketch Renderer...

Another renderer is implemented. This time we try to turn Rembrandt & Co. in their graves by rendering in what we confidently call a painterly style. Below are some samples of manipulated images. Some were processed by a Commercial package at seconds per frame rates and others by our new method at frames per second rates. Try to guess which ones we made and which ones were produced by the commercial package. Clicking on any of the images will send you directly to the pool of information we provided for you to go skinny-dipping in.

Commercial ResultOur Stroke-BrushOur Oil-Brush