NPR Rendering Gallery

Here are some updated images from our Real-Time Non-Photorealistic Renderers. Also have a look at our Demo area, where we feature some Movie Clips. Caution though, the area is extreme Bandwidth intense and the Comic2 examples are not up-to-date. Nonetheless we hope you enjoy the show. We have also worked on some real-time tweening/morphing but haven't placed that on the web yet. If you are interested or would like to comment, please drop a line ;-) 

Comic Style
The following images show the wide range of effects that can be produced with our comic renderer. From dogmatically flat shading, through banded shading, banded shading with diffuse and specular effects, phong shading all the way to metallic shading, all of these images were produced using one and the same algorithm with different shade-maps applied. Various approximations and tricks have been used to make the implementation blazingly fast....
libertystatue_comic2 libertystatue_comic2_metal.gif comic phong comic1 comic2
libertystatue_co... libertystatue_co... comic phong.jpg comic1.jpg comic2.jpg
spiderman001 Extended Comic Deer Deer Metallic
spiderman001.jpg Extended Comic D... Deer Metallic.jpg
Sketch Style
Some new developments on the Sketching-side of things. We implemented a Hatching Sketch renderer, which is extremely fast and also made improvements to the Random Perturbation Sketcher, which has become a lot faster and less jerky. We also made an Escher model to show off our sketch renderer, see if you can spot it...
Madcat Sketch1 Horse Rac3 camera04 ChessHorse
Madcat Sketch1.jpg Horse.jpg Rac3.jpg camera04.jpg ChessHorse.jpg
Skelleton000 coal_person Libertystatue_PAINT000 escher2 gman000_5
Skelleton000.jpg coal_person.jpg Libertystatue_PA... escher2.jpg gman000_5.jpg
cow_SKETCH2000 Mickey001 cowboy000 skelleton000_2
cow_SKETCH2000.jpg Mickey001.jpg cowboy000.jpg skelleton000_2.jpg
Painterly Style
Not much new on the front here (Some old stuff is still here). For demonstration purposes we have applied several brush-motion functions with fun results. We also got the latest NVIDIA driver and with it OpenGL 1.3, so that now we can make use of pbuffers for offscreen rendering. There are still some issues with this though.
building_painterly_coarse building_painterly_spatter building_painterly_v_coarse
building_painter... building_painter... building_painter...
combination_landscape constant_landscape cosine_landscape
combination_land... constant_landsca... cosine_landscape...