Meeting Date: 26.07.1999
What I did last week: I fixed a bug in my 3D selection code. It was rather silly really. I thought I could get away with a parallel projection of the spline. That was apparently not the case. I think that for certain viewing angles the distance to the viewing plane becomes negative and therefore the spline and the object get projected onto different quadrants if I use a simple parallel projection. I opted for a perspective projection instead, which is hardly more expensive anyway and was surprised that it worked - but then again I should have more faith in me, since I worked it all out on paper beforehand anyway. I played around with the selection and it works sufficiently. I then included the same projection into the gesture recognizer, but moving the projection into SplineVRActor and thus making it accessible to all inherited classes. I also cleaned up the child-classes, so that they could make use of their newly inherited features. I took out the SelectablePoint3D because it was more stress than it was worth. So I guess I could've tried to include my code with Steris code... maybe later.
I made an OFF file coordinates, which basically shows three axis. When you display them in an application without changing its direction or orientation it tells you where the origin is and what way you are facing. Somewhat like a global compass. Helps with figuring out if projections and things are working.
What I'll do this week: Now that the 3D selection is working, I will put it on my webpage on the WORKSOFAR pages (link). Since my VRComponents actually seem to be working I wanted to play around with my application and wanted to see how well the selection works under different angles etc. and what the Recognizer had to say for himself. And moving around our little 3D world is absolutely impossible. There are these weird form-input-devices, which are not easy to use at all and so I intend to revisit my idea that I had in the beginning of the year to make some kind of Mouse-input-device so that I can move around like in my graphics project. Shaun said I should look into xev for that. I found a site that has it so will look into that.