Meeting Date: 26.04.1999
What I did last week: I didn't have an official meeting last week, seeing as I was pretty much busy continuing what I had started the week earlier. Also I dropped the Electronic Design course, and with it Electronics as part of my degree. Hope its the right decision. It certainly feels better. Anyhow, I am leaping forward in huge steps and got a lot achieved. I am able to record mousedata (using the second serial port) and run the Recognition System off that. I invented a new Recognizer, which is quite clever, if I may say so myself. To test it better I invented another Feature called KinkyFeature. Details about this are collected on the WORKSOFAR page. Check it out.
What I'll do this week: I am currently in the middle of making my Gesture Recognition System smart, i.e. enabling it to learn new gestures on the fly and evaluating them according to their usefulness. For this I had to find a Statspackage, which I didn't. So I wrote it myself and it works like a breeze. WOW! Hopefully I'll get a Touchpad, so that I can work more accurately (my mouse mocks up, no matter what I do... hmmm). Otherwise the whole learning and training mechanism should take me at least this week and some more. Also Interfacing Prac exam is coming up, so I'll have to spend some time writing assembler.