Meeting Date: 19.07.1999
What I did last week: Got the CVS to work. That was quite a mission. It all becomes clear now! And I finally understand Makefiles and their Make-up. I wish someone would have told us in the beginning, because learning-curve schmearning-curve, those things could've made our lives much easier and are not the main focus of our studies. On the same premise they could give second-years gcc and tell them to learn C++ by trial and error (and without the notes!). Oh well, so much for bitching about that.
I wrote a SplineVRActor. Gail had written the VRSplineActor and since that was used in some of the applications I didn't want to delete it. But seeing as my ideas about how this class should look like were incompatible with hers, I had to write a totally new class. In it are the basic mechanisms to collect splinedata and knowledge about classes that can visualise them on the sink. Also I made a which shows position and orientation of the polhemus. I can now subclass SplineVRActor with SelectionSplineActor and GestureActor to do specific things with the spline. Have a look at the code if you can, its quite nice. ;-)
I wrote another class OFFTransformShape instead of including my things into OFFManipulateShape, because I didn't want to bother with making Steris stuff SelectablePoint3D compatible.
I thought about the 3D projection seriously now. And I came up with an idea. As always this can be found on my worksofar pages (see reference next week). It is a rather simple idea and in retrospective very similar to what Gail tried to do. Except she didn't use a perspective projection like I will have to do for my Object projection and she didn't comment her code so that I would know what she was doing. Another case of re-inventing the wheel, I suppose, but that happens to me quite often anyway.
What I'll do this week: I'll implement the 3D selection, which involves subclassing the SplineVRActor, but that's quite o.k. I am rather glad I structured things the way I did, because this way the whole power of object-orientation can unfold. Then I want to bring the 2D selection code into that actor. I think using a selectionhelper class is really overkill and I will afterwards delete the selectionhelper class. It has done its job.