Meeting Date: 12.07.1999
What I did last week: Wrote and debugged (somewhat - you're never sure, are you?!?) the code for OFFTransformShape, SelectableVertexVisualRepresentation. Doesn't make for many lines of review but lines of code even more so. Also wrote an application that actually uses the classes. I took the code for VROFFViewer and modified it to suit my purposes. So far no support for any of the VR devices like polhemus or stick. That will come later. But since you can select vertices by software (obviously) I just selected some randomly and that seemed to work nicely.
What I'll do this week: Finally I found out how the cvs works and what it is good for. It was about time too, because Colin and I hadn't used it for ... ever really. Just once in the beginning to get the pilot directory. Unfortunately I have some access issues on my system, which need to be fixes, before I can seriously work with it. I'll have a look into that and than see, what we've been missing out on. Also I found that OFFManipulateShape was already modified by Steri who had the same idea as me of extending it. We couldn't really agree on who will use it, but I said I will have a look into it, how much we can integrate both classes, seeing as they seem to do similar things (though in different ways). I will update all my work into the cvs and update whatever needs updating, then I will try to get it to compile again.