Meeting Date: 12.04.1999
What I did last week: Survived Grad. Trimmed, reorganized, compiled and re-checked in Gail's Stuff. Introduced a new Class VRGestureRecognizer that is used by the VRSplineActor. There are no more Calculator Classes, instead I introduced a spline class that holds the datapoints and knows how to compute basic stuff such as the length between the last two points or the angle between the vectors described by the last three points. Those values are computed as soon as they are defineable and this concept is easily extendable for functions being defined by n datapoints. The evaluated values can then be polled by the individual Features. This follows a plug and pray approach, where I assume, that all Features work on the whole spline anyway. So I only have one loop that iterates the spline and calls each of the Features for each iteration. The initialisation of the Gestures was shortened but still has to be automated further.
What I'll do this week: This week I will have to concentrate more on Physics seeing as two hand-in dates are coming up rather rapidly (Signal Processing and Electronic Design). Nonetheless I still want to verify the new design and debug the Classes. To facilitate me in doing so I want to get two input devices going: A Mouseinputdevice seeing as my office is in Calnet and I don't have access to trackers here. The Mouse Routines I actually already wrote in the Code for my Graphics project so I will try to resuse it (obviously I'd have to OO it first). Then I want a DataFile Input device which takes previously recorded data and pretends it is life data from the trackers for debugging ease.