Meeting Date: 05.07.1999
What I did last week: After having been so frustrated with the system and not being given any clues and whathaveyounot, I decided to get on top of things. I used JCC (Code Cruisader) to give me a visual layout of the existing CoRgi system and studied all classes that I was interested in. Actually I ended up looking at all majour strands of the lauout. Actor, Devices, VisualRepresentations and everything else. That took quite some time, but I am confident in saying that I know now what's going on.
What I'll do this week: Now that I know how the system is structured, I can actually implement things. Firstly I think I want to write some routines and classes that let me access the vertices of objects, because that is the basic building block of what I need to do: select vertices and move them around in one way or another. Then also I will have to be able to display those objects somewhat differently. For one thing I will have to make the vertices visible. I think some kind of colour differentiation between selected and non-selected vertices would be appropriate. This is obviously a matter of writing a VisualRepresentation whereas getting a hook into information on vertices will have to be subclasses from ShapeDescription or something down the line. OFFManipulateShape seems like a good candidate, since its not really used to do anything much at the moment.