"After seeing the movie I was blown away, man! Literally. I mean they should put warning labels on those modern fuel cell cars to not smoke in them."         Jim Wen, PhD's friend, Winnipeg.


Skip Reset   Kelvin Angststrøm   Lord Überdruck






Holger Winnemöller is Skip Reset, a government IT specialist getting to grips with his strange powers. After spending a family vacation at an extreme-budget hot-spring resort near the border to Belarus in August 1986, Skip develops the uncanny ability to bluescreen (1,2) most microprocessor controlled equipment by merely walking past. It is only through his relentless persistence that he manages to acquire a secure government position as an IT specialist despite this handicap (and the fact that non-functioning computers are rarely detected or reported in government agencies). Underworked and overpaid, Skip spends much of his free time solving crimes, protecting the innocent, or at least thinking about it, and on the odd occasion he has helped elderly ladies cross the street. Lydia Fram, sociopath at Northwestern University sees Reset's rising popularity as a cultural phenomenon, "Skip Reset is the hero of the new Millennium; he is to the underprivileged and disfranchised what Max Headroom was to the woman's movement back in the 80's."


Kelvin Angststrøm is played by newcomer of the year, Sven Olsen. Olsen's prodigal character is born at an unusually early age to his parents who, for reasons that remain unclear to them, decide to seek ergonomic asylum in Denmark. Dany de Vito, who gives a convincing performance as Kelvin's Scandinavian father Loskopp, manages to infiltrate the public library in Upsala and copies plans for a Viking Faering (1,2,3) to flee the country. A string of unfortunate circumstances leads to navigational inaccuracies. They soon find out that Viking burial boats are ill-equipped to withstand the rough conditions at high sea and the styri, a rudder attached to the right-hand side of the ship near the stern, is utterly useless in the hands of the Angststrøms, who, through a rare genetic disorder, are all left-handed dyslexics. Eighteen years later, after Kelvin and his parents land exhausted but safely at the shores of Rhodes Island, New England, young Kelvin is immediately taken to hospital with the first reported case of life-threatening land-sickness. The following two years, bound by his condition to an electric rocking chair (1,2,3), Kevin focuses inwards, mainly because the ever-moving world surrounding him is difficult to focus on. He sharpens his intellect to the point where he can slice toast just by thinking of flower, water, salt, and yeast in the right amounts, but embittered by his youth lost at sea he turns his mental prowess to the dark side.


Bruce Gooch received rave previews from critics as Reset's boss, Lord Überdruck, who learns of Kelvin's fiendish plans to spam the White House and decides to put Reset's powers to the ultimate test. What ensues is an action-packed, high-tech adventure that plays to Gooch's renown physicality. Gooch himself: "After the financial trouble of When Hairy met Baldy and my injury in Dances with Lions I was ready to take on a new challenge". Critics and fellow actors at a closely guarded drive-in preview near LA's famed Kodak theatre agree. Iman Rutherbored (Washington Boast), "I admire [his] work. Gooch is one of those rare individuals who can lick his elbow!". Dennis Leary, "I first met Bruce on my 10th anger management anniversary. That *&@# son of a #$&* is the best @*& *&$# I have ever seen!"

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